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Our student relocation helpers in Giessen are experienced in relocation and always work highly motivated.


We rely on reliable relocation helpers and agents - our claim is the best possible satisfaction!


We provide 95% of our relocation helpers in Giessen within an hour of your order confirmation.

Powerful relocation helpers with brains

A moving company is expensive - often a visit is necessary before, the lead times are long. What to do if a new job in Giessen or Berlin is in the offing soon? Most moving companies are fully booked for several weeks, and if an appointment is free, this is usually very expensive. Now our young and fit students come into play. They are flexible, reliable and transport your goods with care.

Quality instead of quantity

Through their own experience as relocation helpers in the early days, this agency has emerged and grown over the last few years. We consciously focus on quality instead of quantity. That sets us apart from other agencies. Specializing in relocation and its subareas, we can focus on the needs of our customers.

Extensive application possibilities

Giessen has many students who would like to supplement their pocket money as a relocation helper, but we also offer relocation helpers in all major german cities (university required), saving you the travel expenses of relocation helpers in Giessen and can flexibly plan the number of relocation helpers in Giessen and your destination, for example, you can book a relocation helper in Giessen and three relocation helpers in Berlin as you move to the 5th floor there. Our relocation helpers in Giessen are also available outside Giessen and will find you independently (public transport required).

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Load and unload in Giessen

Our helpers in Giessen support you in unloading your van, packing your furniture or assembling and dismantling your furniture. If you want to unload or pack fast in Giessen, you should always book 2-3 helpers more than necessary.

No-parking zones, vans and self-storage

Most of our helpers in Giessen already have experience in moving. Of course, we also try to meet the ever-increasing demand with new relocation helpers, but we always try to have an experienced helper on site.

What our customers say

P. Solms

We use relocation helpers for the second time now. You're great! Young, sympathetic students who get involved with it and for a fair price. Until next time :-)

R. Heimann

Hello, the service worked flawlessly and was very friendly and really good. The helper was very good, friendly and above average engaged in action. Flexibly extended its use by almost 150%! So great service. Great praise!

F. Kowalczyk

Telephone advice in advance helped me a lot. The relocation workers were on time on site and did a good job, even in this weather!