FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the process of mediation?

You make an online inquiry or send us your data by phone. We will send you a non-binding offer by e-mail. Please remember that we process our offers according to order situation and urgency. If you have no more questions about the offer, you can conveniently confirm this by e-mail and we will take care of the processing immediately. Then you will receive the contact details of the relocation helper from us by e-mail. You will receive your invoice in the amount of the commission fee by e-mail after the order has been placed.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order up to 24 hours before the start.

What happens if an assistant does not appear on the job?

Should a relocation helper not appear to the order (illness, congestion, etc.) We take care of course as fast as possible for replacement. If the replacement helper is not found by the end of the order, you will be refunded the difference amount.

How long can I book the relocation helpers?

You can book the relocation helpers up to 8 hours a day. Then you should treat yourself and the relocation helpers to a break and continue on the following day if needed.

Posting & Duration of the contract

Is the job duration scheduled?

We try to estimate the duration of the contract as good as possible, although it sometimes happens that an order takes longer. In this case, +/- 1-2 hours are scheduled for each order.

Are the relocation workers insured?

Since the relocation helpers are commissioned / employed by you, there is no insurance cover by relocation helpers.website (see also AGB) .

Do the relocation helpers need food?

No, this is not mandatory. The relocation workers will take care of themselves during working hours. Of course, our relocation helpers will be delighted if you are offered a cool drink or something to eat in between.

Do I need to contact the relocation helpers before the order begins?

You do not need to contact the relocation helpers before the order starts. We take care of this for you. However, you should not be able to arrive on time or not at the desired date. We ask you for a short call (outside our business hours please contact the relocation helpers personally).

When should I book the relocation helpers?

We usually recommend a lead time of 2 weeks. A placement within 24 hours or even on the move day is also possible.

Receipts & Payments

How do I log in the relocation helpers?

You can easily find the helpers at the Mini Job Center log.

Will I get a receipt?

If you need a receipt, please let the helper know in advance. You can also print them in advance at http://www.equittung.de/ .

How do I pay relocation workers and placement agency?

You will receive an invoice at the end of the order amounting to the agency fee. The relocation workers are paid in cash on the spot.

Are the helpers insured?

If you properly register the helpers with the mini-job center, they are insured by the miners. The helpers are not insured against damage to the removal goods unless the helpers have sufficient private liability insurance.