The costs of the relocation helpers in Giessen on site are always based on their time of use. You always pay only the hours worked. This allows you flexible planning and you can even compensate relatives / acquaintances in the short term

No fare jungle! With us you only pay a price as an agency fee. Special fees such as express surcharge and hourly rates do not exist with us. Everything 10 €!

Agency fee

10 €

per Student


10 €*

per hour





Salary for 1 helpers**
Agency fee***
Total cost


With our monthly promotions you also save up to 20% of the placement fees when booking your relocation helpers! We always try to optimize our prices to give you the best possible offer. Our order processing processes are always optimized and adapted to customer requirements.

Years of experience

Not convinced yet? We are beside the most favorable offerers in the area of the removal help switching in Giessen also still the most experienced! For now over 6 years we arrange Germany far removal aids for private removals. More than 5000 customers we supported so far with your removal.

* Minimum salary is 25 € per helper.
** The helpers are paid locally in cash. Minimum salary is 25 € per helper.
*** You will receive your invoice after the end of the move by e-mail